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Artist Profile

Lenor Bingham began exploring with drawing and painting at the ripe old age of 3. Her fascination of art continued through childhood and college, dabbling in ceramics, illustration, and other forms of art.


Lenor formally studied art with Toby Klayman at the Fort Mason Art Center in San Francisco.

From there, she began to showcase her art on a professional level, appearing in numerous acclaimed art galleries from Portland to NYC - in addition to group-shows in Barcelona, and Venice, Italy.

(see 'artist resume' page for complete list of past shows/exhibitions)


Lenor has always embodied her own creative and unique style of painting. She continues to evolve her technique, discovering new ways to combine figurative, abstract, and abstract-impressionism concepts. 

As a painter, Lenor believes in taking risks, and finds daily inspiration through textures, emotions, and experiences. 

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